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Potassium oleate

CAS No:143-18-0
Product Name:Potassium oleate

Detailed information

[Molecular Formula]:

Character of potassium oleate :

Potassium also known as 18 carbon thin oil potassium,soluble in water,the solution was alkaline,soluble in hot alcohol.


Applications of potassium oleate :

Potassium Oleate is a catalyst for poly-iso-urea-easter reaction,if use with other catalysts together can meet a variety of rigid foam pouring,spraying,has feactures of foaming fast,gelling quickly etc,can used as emulsifier,cleaning agents.


Certificate of analysis of potassium oleate

Test itemsSpecification
Fatty acid value(mgKoh/G)199~204
Saponification value(mgKOH/g)200~205
Iodine value(GL/100g)90~100
Free alkali(%)0.1~1.0
Loss on drying(%)≤3.0
Solubility in water(10%)conferm
Solubility in alcohol(5%)conferm



Package of potassium oleate :

Woven bag,PE film inner lined.Net wt: 25/kg bag.We also can pack according to customers'requirements.