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  • Tel: 0086-25-85439097
  • Fax: 0086-25-85417047
  • URL: http://www.xinjiangk.com
  • Email: david.tan@njyuance.cn
  • Add: B1702, No. 130, Aoti Avenue, Nanjing-210019, China
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Welcome to the world of NJYC!
Located in Nanjing, a multi-producing industrial base in eastern China, an important hub of transportation and communication center, a major international commercial port in the Yangtse delta region, Nanjing Yuance Industry&Trade Co., Ltd. boasts vast international and domestic markets and is endowed with trade advantage in fine chemical industry.

As a professional Import & Export enterprise, with its vision to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships, NJYC cooperates with many international chemical enterprises, such as Dow, P&G, Sasol. We are specialized in importing plastic raw materials, such as PC, PA, EAA, Fatty Alcohol and distributing different kinds of chemicals to various factories and customers.

Every year, NJYC sales revenue amounts to 50-60 million USD and we are constantly devoted ourselves to developing foreign markets to enlarge bilateral trade. With the abundant customer resources, the number of products we handle reaches over 1,000 classified into agrochemical emulsifier, fertilizers, casein, dyestuffs, flavor and fragrance, organic intermediates, oxo chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, PH indicators, powdered NBR, intermediates, silicone and others. Among them, the strong items are fertilizers, casein, PH indicators and intermediates. We have steady goods-providing channel, absolutely quality assurance, competitive prices and shortcut delivery.

With the support and trust of its customer base, NJYC has established stable and long-term relationship with many well-known domestic chemical enterprises such as Liby, Nice. The enterprise will also speed up improvements in its operation and management functions.

“Customer first, Trustworthiness first” is the unchanging way of product management for our company. We warmly welcome business all over the world and we will serve for you with all sincerity.